Cracks, cams and jams! Do you want to climb in places like Indian Creek, Yosemite or the Gunks? Maybe your local crag has some beautiful crack you’ve been eyeing. Or you want to go climbing in the mountains. With trad climbing, the possibilities are endless. But it may seem daunting to start: There’s so much gear to choose from! Does it work? And how do you even climb a crack?! This Intro to Trad clinic is designed to be an accessible place to start or to improve your skills.

This introductory class teaches the basics of trad climbing. We will learn about trad gear, gear placements, trad anchors and crack climbing techniques.

Student to guide ratio 5:1

*Prerequisites for the class: at least a few consistent months of climbing experience (in the gym or outside), must be able to tie-in and belay proficiently. Participants must also have some experience with mock lead or lead climbing (in the gym, sport or trad.


Advanced Rock Craft Educational Program

Climbing classes taught by Miranda Oakley with FIFTHclass Climbing School in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. 

Established to provide continuing education for climbers seeking mentorship in reaching their climbing goals. With years of teaching, guiding and climbing experience, Miranda has come up with class curricula that involve hands-on learning for participants under the safety and supervision of an AMGA certified guide.

Over the past few years, climbing has become insanely popular with more people than ever tackling elite climbing goals. With fatal climbing accidents in Yosemite NP averaging two per year, the need for climbing mentorship and classes is higher than ever,  not only to keep climbers safe but also to teach solid climbing ethics in order to minimize our environmental impact as the sport grows. 

These classes steer students towards learning-oriented goals rather than summit goals.  The emphasis needs to shift, there is no shame in bailing off of a big climb…we learn more from bailing than we do from reaching the summit. As long as you’re safe, learning something valuable and having fun then your climbing is a success.

*Pricing is based on the ratio of students per guide. There must be a minimum of 3 participants for each class to run. Price includes camping for two nights with the option to rent camping gear (tent and sleeping bag) and 2 days of instruction and climbing.

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Trip Sessions

APRIL 6-7TH (Women & Under Represented Genders Course)

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